Personality Development

Personality is the more or less stable and enduring organisation of a person's character, temperament, intellect and physique, which determine his unique adjustment to the environment.

Determinants of Personality Development

Personal Development is a lifelong process but it doesn't have to take you more than a few minutes to start improving yourself if you are familiar with the two-minute rule you know that any big goal can be broken down into smaller tasks some of these small tasks take less than 2 minutes to accomplish but they are likely to get you moving towards your larger goals and ambitions just take 2 minutes out of your day. To improve your personality one simple task is to drink more water, it may seem like the smallest of baby steps towards self-improvement but it's still a step forward. We often neglect the recommendation to drink 8 glasses of water each day your body needs to maintain bodily functions and to keep you healthy. Dehydration may cause headaches, fatigue or problems with your skin and a lot of people are having problem of dehydration and they don't even know it, so drinking eight glasses a day is not easy if you are able to drink then congratulate yourself. I personally keep a full glass of water near my desk at all time and try to complete the task of eight glasses. 

Importance of Personality Development
Importance of Personality Development

Eating Healthy Food as Determinants of Personality Development

To improve your Personality their is a general rule the fewer the ingredients the more nourishing the food. If you want to have more energy and feel better through out the day swap out some processed meals for whole foods. You can enjoy things like fruits vegetables eggs and nuts. If you don't know what you are eating than you are more likely to ingest something that will make you feel sluggish and unproductive through out the day. I know this is like one of the most basic but you can really improve. How you feel just by making small changes in what you eat. 

Reduction of Obesity as Determinants of Personality Development

Being obese can contribute to a range of health problems, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, indigestion and some cancers. Regular exercise helps to burn excess calories and avoids becoming obese. Reduction in obesity helps to maintain good health.
Alcohol related problems can lead to ill health and premature death, especially through cirrhosis of the liver. In a lifestyle going to parties regularly and drinking too much alcohol can lead to many health problems.
A healthy diet is important component of Personality Development. An individual who maintains the consumption and burning of calories can leave to check obesity. By eating plenty of food does not mean that your body is getting the nutrients. The proper nutritive foods having vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients can reduce the health hazards to a great extent.
The 'Junk Food' phrase is spoken of formal health hazard. Junk Food has high fat and sugar which may result in obesity. Diabetes, respiratory infection, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and osteoporosis are some main problems, people in this age group confront with. The food habits and unhealthy lifestyle are the main contributors for the development of diseases.

Sleeping Habit as Determinants of Personality Development

Poor Sleeping Habit can precede insomnia symptoms and various sleep disorders. The improper sleep can cause constant tiredness, bad temper, etc. Even loss of appetite can be due to loss of sleep. Adequate and right sleep is important factor for maintaining good health. 
Sleep is very essential for personality development. As proper sleep help to maintain energy levels, immune system effectiveness, mental and emotional clarity and overall well-being. Adults require at least 8 hours of sound sleep a day. Lack of sleep can cause the body to release the stress hormone cortisol which has been linked to abdominal weight gain and heart disease.

Importance of Personality Development

Organic Fitness as Importance of Personality

The first and primary objective of Personality Development is to develop good physique. Through physical training the efficiency of organic systems like respiratory system, circulatory system, endocrine system, muscular system and neuro - muscular system improves. These organic developments lead to the developments lead to the development of fitness. Generally physical fitness and good health are considered same but it is wrong. A healthy person may be physically unfit because he may be lacking in any components and capacity of an individual to lead a fruitful life. Therefore vigorous physical activities are important for personality development. 

Social Development for Personality

The next objective of Personality Development is Social development. Through participation in physical activities many qualities like confidence, obedience, temperament, sincerity, sacrifice, impartiality, feeling of friendliness, co-operation, self control, etc,. are developed. These developments promote the sociability and forms a healthy society.

Determinants of Personality
Determinants of Personality

Important Habits for Personality Development

Many habits are important for personality development. It requires to develop healthy habits relating to sleep, food, personal hygiene and exercise.

Emotional Development for Personality 

Good Personality makes a person emotionally balanced. The word emotion is derived from the latin word ' Emovere ' which means to stir up. 
A Good Personality is physically active with emotional behaviour. He knows how to react in the society. An emotionally balanced individual reacts wisely when he is emotionally aroused.