Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth gives large meaning to our life, as health is considered the most valuable and precious for everyone's life. Good health doesnot mean absence of disease but a complete physical and mental wellness.

Health is Wealth

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness is a combination of qualities that enable a person to perform well in vigorous physical activities. Every time when we move, we are exercising and keeping our body tuned and in good running order. The human body is framed in such a way that it can bend, stretch, run, jump, climb and do more tedious work. The body becomes stronger when it exerts more. The involvement of muscles matters a lot in shaping a body. When we do any work or exercise, it helps in improving our health and builds up our energy and stamina level.
The first and primary objective of Healthy Lifestyle is to develop a good physique. Through physical training, the efficiency of organic systems like respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, endocrine system, muscular system and neuro-muscular system improves. These organic developments lead to the development of physical fitness components.
The physical fitness includes strength and flexibility. Physical fitness enables a person to perform vigorous activities. Generally, physical fitness and good health are considered the same, but it is wrong. A seemingly healthy person may be physically unfit because he may be lacking in any of the component of physical fitness. Regular vigorous exercise also increases the efficiency and capacity of an individual to lead a fruitful life. Therefore vigorous physical activities should be done for the physical growth and development.

Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness is described as a state of optimum healthful living. Earlier, health was considered as a state of a person who is away from all disease. Right then being unhealthy was related with sickness only. But in a broader view, a physically fit person is considered as healthy who is balanced in all aspects of life including social, emotional, physical and mental aspect. Those individuals who adopt a healthy lifestyle may experience an optimal state of well being while those who choose to practise an unhealthy lifestyle may be at an increased risk of being exposed to diseases. Wellness gives stress on each individual for making decisions that will lead not only to the prevention of diseases but to attain high level of health.
An individual's well being caters to all aspects of his life which may range from physical, emotional, social to economic and even spiritual ones. In wellness, all factors that may affect an individual's health are taken into account by a holistic practitioner. These include heredity, nutrition, physical activity, stress, family relationship, medical care, spiritual health, living and working conditions. Holistic health is closely related to wellness. Wellness is based on the notion that an individual's health is affected by virtually all aspects of his life.

Healthy Lifestyle

If we donot care of our health it can lead to many health problems. The poor habits of lifestyle are the major factors for deteriorating health. Many diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cardiac failures, etc. are caused due to poor lifestyle.

Health is Wealth

Some steps towards healthy lifestyle :

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol related problems can lead to ill health and premature health, especially through cirrhosis of the liver. In a lifestyle going to parties regularly and drinking too much alcohol can lead to many health problems.

No Drugs

Drug addiction can affect personal health. This can also affect family, friends and community. Say no to drugs can prevent many health hazards associated to drug addiction.

Health is Wealth

Proper Nutrition

A healthy diet is important component of lifestyle. An individual who maintains the consumption and burning of calories can leave to check obesity. By eating plenty of food does not mean that your body is getting the nutrients. The proper nutritive foods having vitamins, minerals, fiber and other important nutrients can reduce the health hazards to a great extent.

Sleeping Habit

Poor sleeping habit can precede insomnia symptoms and various sleep disorders. The improper sleep can cause constant tiredness, irritability, bad temper, etc. Even loss of appetite can be due to loss of sleep. Adequate and right sleep is important factor for maintaining good health. In the lifestyle the saying 'Early to Bed and Early to Rise will keep us healthy and wise'.

Medical Check-Up

Regular medical check-up of sugar level, cholesterol and blood pressure can help to be healthy. Periodical Check up can detect the disease at its early stage and can be cured easily.

Positive Lifestyle

'Health is Wealth' says that the health of an individual is most important aspect of life. It is very important to make healthful living by incalculating healthy lifestyle habits. A healthy lifestyle is absolutely vital.

Health is Wealth

Active Lifestyle

An active lifestyle includes fitness as part of life. Physical fitness keeps weight in check, helps to sleep better at night, and prevents heart attacks and other health problems. This practice generally prolongs life. Their are many benefits of regular exercising.
Exercise is good for body and mind. Regular exercise is considered as one of the most necessary and important components of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Eating

The Healthy and Balanced nutrition to live a healthy lifestyle. The body requires a well balanced diet every day in order to maintain the adequate amounts of vitamins, nutrients and minerals needed to maintain a healthy body. It is important to have a proper eating habits for healthy living. Eating a diet full of healthy and nutritious foods and prepared in the healthiest way possible helps a lot for keeping healthy.
The balanced healthy diet that takes a wide range of different foods to ensure that the body gets all the different vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly.

Proper Sleep

Sleep is very essential to improve and maintain energy levels, immune system effectiveness, mental and emotional clarity and overall well being. Adults require at least Eight Hours of sound sleep a day. Lack of sleep can cause the body to release the stress hormone cortisol which has been linked to abdominal weight gain and heart disease.

Stress Management

Stress plays an important role in many illness. The habit of cigarette smoking overeating, drinking too much alcohol, arguing often creates stress. Thus managing stress is an important part of lifestyle. The stress can be managed by techniques like meditation, participating in games and relaxation activities.
Stress management is an important components of healthy lifestyle. If stress is not managed properly it can lead to many health related problems.