UAE Exchange 

UAE Exchange Careers is a leading financial services brand established in the United Arab Emirates in 1980. The brand offers a full suite of diversified and innovative financial solutions in money transfer, foreign exchange and payments solutions. UAE Exchange career has been globally recognised and awareded for its corporate citizenship, customer service initiatives and business excellence such as Dubai Quality Gold Award and many more.With a global reach of spanning 170 countries, Finablr companies provide a board array of tailored and trusted financial solutions for consumers and businesses. 
UAE is a United Arab Emirates based company which deals in foreign exchange and different kind of Payments. The companies Headquarter is in Abu Dhabi, UAE. UAE Exchange works through 800 locations in 31 countries. In different countries it has different names like Unimoni.
UAE Exchange is a company which comes under the list of largest companies in the world. UAE exchange has 10,000 workers across 40 countries. The company has its network among the countries in Middle East Asia with around 35% of its offices are located in India.

UAE Exchange Business

  • UAE Exchange Australia Pty Ltd.
  • UAE Exchange Centre Bahrain Co WLL.
  • UAE Exchange Centre LLC, Liaison Office.
  • UAE Exchange Canada Pty Ltd.
  • UAE Exchange China Liaison Office.
  • UAE Exchange Fiji Pty Ltd.
  • UAE Exchange Hong Kong Ltd.
  • UAE Exchange LLC office, India.
  • UAE Exchange LLC office, Indonesia.
  • UAE Exchange LLC office, Pakistain.
  • Jordon UAE Exchange LLC Co.
  • UAE Exchange LLC office, Sri Lanka.
  • UAE Exchange LLC office, Philippines.
  • UAE Exchange LLC, Sudan.
  • UAE Exchange LLC office, UAE.
  • UAE Exchange LLC office, United Kingdom.
  • UAE Exchange and Finance Ltd, India.
  • UAE Exchange LLC office, USA.
  • Many more...........


In 2018, UAE Exchange Career started re-branding of UNIMONI at different locations outside the United Arab Emirates. This was started with its retail presence in India, Canada,Fiji and Australia. It was also rebranded in the markets of Hong Kong and Tanzania, as well.

UAE Exchange History

UAE exchange was established in the year 1980, and its first branch was established in Abu Dhabi. In 1993, UAE exchange became the SWIFT member followed by its offices in Oman and Kuwait. UAE Exchange also launched Bank Note services. In 1993, they launched their retail operations in India, which became its biggest operation outside United Arab Emirates. In 2015, they opened more than 300 branches in India. Then they opened their offices in United Kingdom followed by Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in the next 3 years.
In 2001, company launched Xpress Money, which is a money transfer service in United Kingdom. In the year, 2003 the company started its business in Australia, where they started their services in corporate sector. Finally, in the year 2004, they inaugrated online money transfers.
Between the year 2005 and 2009 they opened their offices Hong Kong, Canada, New Zealand, Uganda and China. They also launched Money Dart Global Services in the United States of America. They also owns an bill payment application in India known as XPay.
In 2018, UAE Exchange career partnered with telecommunications company Ooredoo.
In the year, a big change occurred when Sudhir Shetty left UAE exchange career. He was president of the company since 1991. In mid 2019, Finablr started co-branding business within its estate.
On 16 March 2020, a big change was made as UAE exchange career suspended all new transactions citing some challenges. And Finablr, of which UAE exchange was a part got suspended from the London Stock Exchange as it announced it was in danger of collapse having identified Circa $100m of undisclosed financing, which meant it no longer had any certainty over its financial position. At the same time, Promoth Manghat, CEO of the group left the business. The business also stated that it was no longer able to provide certain payment processing services, however failed to address what services this entailed.
On March 17 2020, Finablr of ehich UAE exchange is a part announced that it has engaged an accountancy firm for a potential insolvency appointment, with administration.