Morning Walk

A morning walk is a fine thing to begin the day. It is a form of good physical exercise. Manifold are the benefits of a morning walk. Everything looks fresh and fine in the early morning. The atmosphere remains calm and quiet. The pleasant wind refreshes the body and mind. A morning walker breathes in an unpolluted air, enjoys lovely sights and sounds of nature. All this soothes his soul. Besides, a regular morning walk helps him to have a sound health. Medical science says that a morning walk keeps blood pressure in control and decreases stress and strain. It energises an individual to do his duties most fittingly. The benefits of a morning walk are all the more essential in the modern fast-paced life. We hardly have any time to take care of our health. If the habit of morning walk has been formed right from our childhood, it stands in good stead throughout the life.

Morning Walk Essay
Morning Walk

Benefits of Morning Walk

Boost your Mood

It has been proved in many researches that morning walk has physiological benefits on man's health. Walking for 20 to 30 minutes for a month can give you best result. It also help you to improve self-esteem, mood, reduce stress, reduce fatigue, reduce anxiety and also helps you to handle tension.

Boost Energy

Rising Early and going for a walk helps you to be energetic throughout the day. In many studies it has been proved that 20 minutes walk is more energizing than a cup of tea or coffee. So start a morning walk to feel energetic and healthy throughout the day.

Morning Walk Essay
Morning Walk

Morning Walk helps to Lose Weight

Walking in the morning helps a lot to lose weight. Walking at a moderate speed  for 30 minutes can burn up to 200 calories. Combined with a healthy diet and strength training can help you to loose weight.

Improves Mental Health

Morning Walk helps you to improve mental health and ability to focus on your work throughout the work. Those who start their day with a morning walk has better cognitive function, compared to those who remained sedentary. Walking in the early morning also helps you think creative. Walking for 30 minutes opens up a free flow of Ideas, which helps you to solve problems better than remaining sedentary.

Morning Walk helps Sleep Better

Walking also helps you sleep better at night. The peoples who were facing problem falling asleep at night or were living with mild insomnia. Those who exercised in the morning were experienced better sleep at night.

Morning Walk is a silent exercise. Walking in silence gives your mind a peace. Studies have shown that morning walk is extremely beneficial in preventing or reducing the symptoms of lifestyle diseases like thyroid and hypertension. A combination of these diseases with high levels of triglycerides and low levels of cholesterol leads of metabolic syndrome which predisposes one to heart. Experts say that engaging in just three hours of aerobic exercise like morning walks per week reduces your chances of getting metabolic syndrome by 50%.
Morning Walk may seem like a very easy form of exercise when you compare it to gym routines or more intensive forms of working out. However, studies have shown that morning walks are very effective when it comes to burning fat. Morning walks are great to tone the muscles of your lower body like the leg muscles and glutes. It can also tighten your core if you maintain a good posture while walking.