Stay away from Diseases

During the rainy season, you should not be careless about things to eat and drink. Well many known health experts has advised people to be careful in eating and drinking.

Healthy Food

You should be careful while eating food. You should eat food that boost energy and immunity. Always be care about what you are eating.

Drinking Water

You should always drink boiled water. Doctor's advisors that people should always drink water after boiling. By doing so, bacteria and germs present in water are killed. By drinking lemon water can also prevent you from harmful viruses.

Eating Fruits

By strictly avoiding oily food and eating fruits like berries, papaya, apple, pomegranate and pear can help you to preventing from bacteria.

Avoid eating Oily food

By strictly avoiding deep fry food. Do not eat food like samosa, bread dumplings or kachori can help you boost your immunity. After eating search food Digestive system of our body becomes sluggish which is very difficult to digest.

Healthy Sleep

To boost immunity healthy sleep plays a vital role. 7 to 8 hours daily sleeping can help a person to stay healthy e and boost his immunity.