Data Entry

Data entry is actually a broad term that encompasses a number of occupations. People who perform data entry includes electronic data processors, work processes and typists. Data entry jobs can be done from home remote location. It can be quite different from those jobs which are done in offices. To get data entry job you should have typing skills and high school diploma, and you can read and write English, then you will be qualified for the job.

Websites where you can find online data entry jobs

1 Clickworker

Clickworker started as an experimental project launched by NASA that hired workers to participate in scientific data work. Now it has become an established online branded page worker to do small tasks. include web research, online surveys, text correction extra.
the best thing is that they are always looking for internet workers who can do all that stuff for them. The jobs and never ending from their side. All you have to do is register on the website and create your profile and you will get work. Clickworker pays its workers on weekly basis through PayPal.

2 Indeed

indeed is one of the highest job search engines in the world. They even have their country based search engines that let you search for local jobs. It is a gold mine, when it comes to online data entry jobs you can use indeed to find data entry jobs that pay you to work from home. 

3 SmartCrowd

Smart crowd is a part of business process outsourcing company that deals with community management. They work on regular basis and some of their clients are are globally organised like Adobe, Cisco, and Dell. Most of the work provided by smart crowd is of data research, data entry, testing and language translations. The company doesn't ask for fees to become member. It is very easy to submit your work application. They do not want expertise but they want hard work. once your application is submitted you will be provided with placement evaluations. your evaluation is core will determine how much work you will get in the future. so pay attention when you are filling your application form.

4 One space

One space is basically a software platform which provides automation solution to their client. But for freelancers they have a separate portal where they hire freelancers to do online work. They have huge variety of data entry work which can be easily done by students. Freelancers can create their own schedule as per their work and have choice of of assignments that they are comfortable with. as a freelancer you will be working with some of the best companies including Walmart, eBay, staples and others.

5 2Captcha

This company provides the easiest way of earning. The company pay you to solve catcha. You cannot get any easier way to earn money online. You simply have to you feel captcha which you will see see in the image with random alphabets on your screen. The amount of money you can earn depends on how much you work. But do not get your hopes to hi because you cannot earn big amount by solving capthca, however you can earn a decent amount. You can get payment through webmoney, Bitcoin and Perfect Money. You can be draw as your earning reach 0.5$.

How the job is performed ?

Data entry jobs are the jobs which require the least skill and in turn pay the least. 
in general, the method that data entry jobs might pay could be an hourly wage or monthly wage. Most of the the company will pay a highly dependent on your speed off data entry.


Data entry is often done with the keyboard and mouse all the new manually scanner can be used. 


The use of a computer mouse, on a personal computer, opened up another option for data entry.

Touch screen

Touch screens are introduced to provide more facilities including the ability to stand and do data entry, especially a proper height of work surface when performing data entry.


although most data entered into a computer is stored in a database a significant amount of data is stored in a spreadsheet. The use of a spreadsheet instead of data basis for data entry can be traced to introduce visicalc and what some considered the wrong place for storing data.

Data management

The search for assurance about the accuracy of the data entry process predates computer keyboards and online data entry. IBM even went beyond their 056 card very fire and develop their quiter IBM 059 model.
Modern techniques gobeyond range especially when the new data can be evaluated using probability about an event.

Why to know about data entry job?

to get a data entry job and to perform the job well you need to be proficient at typing and type at least 50 to 80 words per minute. Some data entry e positions may require a typing speed of over 80 words per minute. Being proficient at typing means you can type with minimal grammar and punctuation errors.

Skills and Responsibilities

While performing data entry it is important that you requires some skills and to be qualified for daily responsibilities to do the job well. There are many responsibilities and hard skills that may be required by those in the data entry job fields for staff here are a few skills and responsibilities that a data entry person should have.


  1. Scanning documents and other files.
  2. Repairing data errors.
  3. Correcting necessary data items.
  4. Maintaining confidential data according to company policies and regulations.
  5. Generating reports and performing backups operations.
  6. Sorting data information to prepare for computer entry.
  7. Entering customer data from documents.
  8. Complying with data entry deadlines.


  1. Efficient writing with verbal communication skills. data entry professionals must communicate often with inside and outside teams and provide feedback on any issue that may encounter with incorrect data or other database issues. it is important that they also employ active listening so they can enter and sort data the way a company prefers.
  2. Proficient typing skills : Beyond fast typing, it is also important to type accurately with proper grammar.
  3. Attention to detail : Details are the priority in a data entry job.
  4. Test typing speed : This skill is essential to success in data entry since they will likely need to perform large quantities of data entry within a limited period of time. Many employees expect an average typing speed of 30 to 40 words per minute.