Risk along the border of China and India

Relations between India and China have been working over the past few months and the two world powers are facing off against each otheralong their disputed border in the Himalayan region.
The India China border standoff came the closest it has yet to war. The dispute since 1962 that is Sino Indian war which is long-standing border dispute came to hard point when Chinese soldiers tried to cross the Line of Actual Control. The tension at the border raises again and again rather than large and risky military maneuvers. 
Both the countries are also competing to build infrastructure along the border, which is also known as the line of actual control. India's construction of a new road to a higher altitude airbase is seen as the the key for a clash with chinese troops in the month of June that left at least 45 Chinese soldiers death.
The tension at border escalated more seriously since the late August because both sides have jostled for tactical advantage and creating incentives for the worst condition.
2020 has been particularly the year full of violence between India and China. The clash in the Galwan Valley, fought with sticks and clubs was the first fatal confrontation between the countries after 1975. 
the military tension at the border is mirrored by grooming political tension which has strain ties between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President XI jinping.
Many observations have said that if the situation reaches to war then both countries have so much to lose. 

India China relations

India relations with China refers to the bilateral relationship between the India and China. The relationship between the countries have varied over time, the two Nations have sort economic cooperation with each other. But occasional disputes occurs some time between them. The modern relationship began in 1950 when India was among the first countries to end formal ties with the republic of China and recognise The peoples of China as the legitimate government of mainland China. India and China are the most populous countries of the world. As well as the fastest growing economy and diplomatic state in the world. India and China are the major powers in South Asia as well as in Asia. 

India China disputes

A new face of the four month long border crisis open when Indian special forces quietly occupied seven peaks in the mountainous chaksu sector of Ladakh during the night of 29 August. These peaks sit on India side at the LAC. 
In August, India accused China of provoking military tensions at the border twice within a week. Both the countries charges that it was others fault. 
In early September, China accused India of firing shots at its troops while India accused China of firing into the air. 
It's the first time after 45 years that shots were fired at the border. In the year 1996 in agreement came to existence which prohibited the use of guns and explosives near the border, to avoid confrontation spiralling out of control.
Any wars outcome will also depend critically on non-military factors. Both countries leaders have invested significant National and personal credibility in project in toughness and not compromising on terrestrial sovereignty. 
India and China are unlikely to return their business as usual, even if tensions de-escalate. The Government of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to feel forced to accelerate its military investments to avoid long-term risk.