Resume is a document used by a person to present his background, skills, objective, performance and experience.
Resume is used for different reasons but it is often only used to get a job.

A common resume contains educational background, experience, objective and summary. Resume is usually and important document which shows everything about you to the interviewer. It is your first impression to the interviewer who seeks your potential. It also helps interviewer to get an idea about you, according to the job. 
Resume is also known as curriculum vitae. It is used for employment purpose in European countries which is more akin to the resume, which is a short summary version of education and experience.

The word 'Resume'

The word resume comes from the French word resume meaning summary. Leonardo Da Vinci what's the man who first time used the word resume for the form of a letter written to a potential employer.
For the next 500 yours the word resume continued to used as a description of a person including his abilities and past employment. In the early 19th century resume use to contain weight, height, marital status and religion of a person. But after 1950 the resume evolved into something more than words written on a paper. 
By then, resume considered it is a mandatory document containing educational background, job status, experience and summary.

Education resumes

Education resumes are the resumes specially created for the purpose of jobs in educational field. The resumes in the education field of an require specific degrees and certificates with previous job experience. When you are writing education resume, then you should give your summary statement in the headline of your resume. Your job requirements should be dependent on the job you are seeking for. Your resume for job in educational field highly depends on the employment it you are applying for like childhood education, special education or university. 

Resume for teachers in India

When you are applying for a teaching job, then it is important to have a well crafted resume. Your resume should highlight your experience, educational background, skills and future perspectives. To build strong resume for the the position continue reading. 

Following are some useful information you can add to your resume.

Personal details 

A good resume contains a lot of information about you including your personal details like : 
  • Name - your name should be returned in bold letters at the top of the page. Your name should be your full name containing first name, middle name and last name.
  • Address - address is an essential information that you should include on your resume. The address written on the resume should be your current address. 
  • Phone number - your phone number should be your personal mobile number or landline number through which an interviewer can contact you. If you are applying for an international job then you should include dialling code of your country.
  • Email address - your email address should also so be included in your personal details.
  • Do not include - nationality, place of birth, gender, marital status, number of children's, photograph, current salary, religion, driving licence details and health status.


Resume summary statement is a short paragraph which is written at the beginning of a resume. Summary highlights professional skills and experience of a job seeker. It gives an idea about the job aspirant to the interviewer. The goal of a summary statement in the beginning of the resume is to provide job seeker's unique value through their skills and experience.
The summary statement is written after the the personal details and contact information of the aspirant. 

Example - Accomplished Headmaster with over 9 years of experience in CBSE school. Contributed in the growth of school for last 9 years.

Here are some points which should be added while writing summary statement :
  • Skills - Some important skills should be added while writing summary statement which will help interviewer to know about aspirant.
  • Work history - work history plays a vital role while writing summary statement because it gives basic idea about aspirant to the interviewer.

Work experience 

The work experience is an essential part of a resume because it gives basic idea about aspirant to the interviewer. There are different types of work experience for different resumes, here we have different kind of work experience as follows : 
  • Internship experience - internship experience includes work experience while performing internship in different industries or companies. This kind of experience is not included in professional experience but it can help an aspirant to show some skills.
  • Unskilled experience - unskilled experience includes work experience while performing some jobs during college time or school time. This kind of experience help you targeting your job.
  • Professional experience - professional experience is really helpful to target specific job. It includes any job you have ever got which is relevant field and industry.
  • Part time jobs - part time jobs experience is also helpful to get job. It includes work experience which experience gained while performing job.



Ratan Singh
Dewas, Madhya Pradesh
Ph. No. - 9987656379

Maths Teacher with more than 14 years of experience invested in coaching students to achieve success. Creative methods to engage minds, educational exploration and spirit of collaboration. 

Indore public school
MSc in mathematics.


Raga School of Jabalpur
  1. Develop and lead state approved curriculum, innovative lesson strategies and consistent performance.
  2. Incorporate hands-on team activities to encourage collaboration and analytical thinking skills.
  3. Development of of monthly news letter designed to inform parents of classroom and school activities.
Kid star, school teacher
  1. Formulated quality daily lesson plans for core subject, including maths and science to apply critical thinking and problem solving.
  2. Proactively adress Dan redirected negative behaviour, earning reputation as a skilled mediator.
  3. Development of coordinated annual spelling competitions.

Conflict resolution and behaviour management.


Ramu Yadav
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Ph. No. - 9987639269

Science Teacher with more than 8 years of experience invested in School students to achieve success. Creative methods to engage minds, educational exploration and spirit of collaboration. 

Jabalpur public school
MSc in Physics.


Shua School of Indore
  1. Implement age appropriate reading, writing and science curriculum through the application of creative and innovative learning method.
  2. Incorporate dance and movement throughout lessons to increase focus and increase cognitive development in students.
  3. Creative idea of monthly parents teachers meeting to inform parents of classroom and school activities.
  4. teachers meeting to address specific needs of individual children and recommend did strategies for improve social and educational differences.

Kinder Morgan, School
  1. Quality lesson plans for core subject, including English and Science to apply thinking and problem solving.
  2. Worked for 7  as a years with reputation of Skilled teacher.
  3. Development of annual Science competitions as Science Expert.

High School Education with proficiency in English.

Declaration in Resume