iPhone Issues


Is your iPhone suddenly restarting on its own ?

No problem, if you try to solve and it again showing the same issue. Well, this problem is actually quite common. 
Many users comply the same issue that why my iPhone randomly reboot? Is it a major problem?
Although, it is a hardware issue or it is likely to have something wrong with the software, which make the device to behave inappropriate.
I know, when the iPhone keeps rebooting again and again, how it feels as I am also I am iPhone user. The whole iOS look like it got stuck in a loop.


Why does my device keep rebooting itself ?

From my experience of using iPhone, it can be a software bug which can make the device rebooting. But sometimes, it can be other mean culprits like applications, nasty drops aur storage issue. Not only this, it can be some third party certifications installed by tricking iOS device or it can be faulty charger that causing the iPhone to restart itself.

To fix restarting of your iPhone here are some solutions.

Here are some practical solution which can really help you to solve the issue.


Reset your iOS device to factory setting

If your iPhone is facing the booting issue then try to to reset all settings. It will remove all undesirable settings as well as an wanted customisation on your device.
Open settings -- general --reset -- reset all settings -- enter passcode to confirm.

Update software of your iPhone

Is your iPhone started showing the issue after the iOS new update ? 
If yes, then this issue is surely due to the software bug. And to troubleshoot it, you can open settings -- general -- software update. 
Now follow the useful process to update software by downloading the software and then by installing it. 


Check your device apps

If the problem continues even after software update, then trackdown the problematic apps and install them.

How to catch apps, which are behind the restarting of iPhone ?

So, has a feature called analytics. Which works to diagnose issues creating trouble. So take a test through analytics and out the apps behind the issue. So it will make a bit easier for you to find the problem.

Remove the SIM card

If you have followed all the solution listed above and till now its not working. Then you may not believe, but sometime iPhone tend to get stuck into the restarting loop if the devices connection to the wireless career facing problem. 
So the easiest way to fix this connection issue is to remove SIM card and putting it back. Then shut down the iPhone and restart it.


Turning off some features can solve rebooting of iPhone

If all the above solution did not work then turn of power hungry features when not in use. Sometimes constant location tracking can make issues for iPhone to work smoothly. So use location tracking apps carefully and use this features when it is necessary.

Following are some steps to turn off :
  • Open settings on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on privacy tab.
  • Tap location services.
  • Scroll down to locate the app.
  • Tap the apps and select an option.
  1. Tab never, so that app will inhibit from accessing location services.
  2. Tab ask next time to let you choose always. Allow once or don't allow.
  3. tab while using the app to only allow access to location services when the app or or one of its feature is visible on screen.
To turn off of the location services altogether. Tap on " location services " and then switch green slider to off.


So finally, if your iPhone has a software issue, your iPhone would easily be back to its normal working. 
But if it has hardware problem then contact apple support, that will be right thing to do as they will give you reliable solution.
of course they will charge for third party services and their charges are a bit high, but when it comes to reliability the first party solution always work. 

It's a good option to get your iPhone to an Apple store and ask them to check for the issue and a solution to it.